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COVID-19 Information



The MD Dashboard serves to be a transparent communication tool to our Mater Dei community.

At MDHS the Health & Safety protocols have several mitigation strategies to limit exposure risk to students as outlined below:
MDHS continues to follow guidelines from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). and the directives of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orange in all COVID related Health and Safety measures.
High Risk 
•    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
•    New loss of taste or smell
•    Cough

Low Risk
•    Fever or chills
•    Fatigue
•    Muscle or body aches
•    Headache
•    Sore throat
•    Congestion or runny nose
•    Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
Covid related absences will be excused through the attendance office. A doctor’s note is not required for exposures, quarantine or positive cases.
Please call attendance: 
To report a student’s absence due to quarantine – it is not necessary to call in each day.  
Please contact the health office: 
To report a positive Covid case use the Covid Positive Reporting Form below. 
If you test positive for COVID-19 and have been associated with the Mater Dei High School campus, students or employees, please notify the health office using the Covid Positive Reporting Form. The health office will provide guidance so that you can safely return to campus.  
•    Complete this form if your student tests positive for COVID  
•    This form is not to be used for exposures or quarantine 
•    Submit one form for each student 
•    If there is a required answer and it does not pertain to you, please write N/A 
•    Your information will be kept confidential 
After submitting the Covid Positive Report you will receive direction with return to learn date options.
  • You May return after a full 10-day quarantine 
    • No testing required
  • Students are eligible for a shortened 5-day quarantine with a return on day 6 if you meet all requirements outlined below:
    • You must have improved symptoms AND
    • be fever-free for the last 24 hours without the help of medicine AND
    • wear a mask indoors/outdoors for 5 more days AND
    • have a negative covid test (antigen test recommended, home tests accepted)
      • Submit a photo of the negative test result via text or email on or after 5 days of the first date of symptoms or the date of your positive test
      • Label the test with the date and student’s first and last legal names
      • Results may be emailed to: AND OR texted to: 714-955-3019
      • Please wait until the health office has cleared you via email/text message confirmation prior to returning to campus
*Please note: a faint line is a POSITIVE test result, and you will not be cleared to return until you test negative (no trace of a line)
*If your child participates in a CIF sport and was symptomatic, they must by cleared by a physician and complete the Return-to-Play protocol before returning to their sport. You will receive the forms from our athletic training office. 
Thank you for helping to keep our Mater Dei community safe. 
If you were identified as a close contact or exposed to someone that tested positive for Covid please complete the following form. Please note if you are fully vaccinated and do not have symptoms you are not required to quarantine. 
Athletes are required to be cleared by their doctor to begin the return to play (RTP) protocol so that they can safely return to their sport.  
Because of the limited testing available to the public, home testing is now being accepted.
Testing Options:
•    PCR tests work by directly detecting the viral genetic material (RNA)
•    Antigen tests work by detecting specific proteins on the surface of the virus



Mrs. Carolina Gutierrez-Calderon, RN
Director of Health and Wellness
Mrs. Aimee Boyles, RN
Covid Coordinator
Health office phone number: 714-850-9520